In October 2012 Volzhsko-Kamskiy Trading and Purchasing Union was established which included Chelny-Khleb, Duslyk and Agat local networks.
Volzhsko-Kamskiy TPU performs its activity as a member of the Union of Independent Networks of Russia.
Volzhsko-Kamskiy Cooperative has united over 90 retail locations such as convenience stores, supermarkets and cash&carry stores under its guidance, the area of which is equal to about 50 000 sq. m.

The aims of the Trading and Purchasing Union:

1. Creation of an efficient system of regional logistic
2. Elimination of all agents in a chain of relations between Producer and Regional network.  
3. Creation of a clear pricing pattern.
4. Collection, analysis and use of statistical information in order to increase sales of participants’ networks.

At the moment the Union has at its disposal:

  • Contracts with such federal producers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Efes, Efko, Uvelka, Wimm-Bill-Dann and many other large suppliers.
  • Own fruit platform; fruit and vegetables are supplied directly from Europe. Not only networks of the Union, but also retailers from such cities as Sterlitamak, Magnitogorsk, Izhevsk, Kazan, Penza, Ekaterinburg and Ufa purchase on the Platform.
  • Working logistic center on 2 400 euro pallets.  
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Volzhsko-Kamskiy TPU welcomes everyone willing to be a member of the cooperative which has any conditions for development both for large networks and for individual entrepreneurs. You can send questions and applications for participation in the cooperative to the following email address:
The Union of Independent Networks of Russia unites over 65 networks – participants with a total number of stores-over 2100, in 53 regions of 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation. Activity of the Union is aimed to increase efficiency and synchronization of participants’ business.
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«Слата» открывает 150-й магазин

Юбилейный магазин – им станет супермаркет «Слата» (участник Союза НСР) – распахнет свои двери 29 июля в Иркутске на ул. Баумана, 202/3.


Союз поздравляет!

Союз независимых сетей искренне поздравляет Генерального директора торговой сети «Смак» (Чебоксары) Наместникову Ларису Геннадьевну, которая сегодня, 24-го июля, отмечает свой день рождения!


СП: московский Роспотребнадзор проверял одни и те же торговые точки до 189 раз за год

Счетная палата выявила нарушения Роспотребнадзора при проведении проверок в торговых точках Москвы — одни и те же предприятия проверялись 24–189 раз без наложения штрафов и принятия мер, сообщают аудиторы по итогам проверки.